Implementing Private and Protected Members in JavaScript

Privacy has been a complicated issue throughout JavaScript's history. While it's always been possible to meet even the most stringent privacy needs (the myriad of compile-to-js languages proves this), the extraneous ceremony required to really do it right is often...[more]

How to Find Qualified Developers

Finding a good developer is hard. People constantly complain about how few qualified applicants they receive. They post their job openings to every known listing. They hire recruiters to scour Linkedin. They do all of this in the hopes that...[more]

Solved by Flexbox

The first version of was built using Flexbox way back in 2010 when the syntax was display:box. It only worked in Chrome, Safari, and Firefox and was pretty buggy, but it worked and was a million times better than...[more]

Decoupling Your HTML, CSS, and JavaScript

Any non-trivial site or application on the Web today will contain a large amount of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. As the use of the Internet evolves and our dependence on it increases, having a plan for organizing and maintaining your...[more]

Why I Test Private Functions In JavaScript

Last week I published an article on this blog entitled How to Unit Test Private Functions in JavaScript. The article was well received and even mentioned in a few popular newsletters (most notably JavaScript Weekly). Still, a decent amount of...[more]

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